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Empower Yourself

Now is the time to rise to your highest potential and create a better world with a higher vision. In this 3 day Group Immersion, Athena will take you by the hand and lead you to the golden treasure awaiting in your unconscious mind for building your visions of a better life.

By bridging the worlds of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience, Energy Transmission and Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Athena has pioneered a process that discovers and transforms unconscious limitations that prevent you from operating at your highest potential.

There are 7 common issues that lie at the core of most of our suffering

There are 7 psychological issues common to all humanity. These lead to repetitive thoughts, emotions and specific behavioural patterns that lower your overall frequency and create restriction in your life.

Most techniques dealing with these limiting beliefs are only working with half the problem, the symptoms only. This means we revert back at some point because the pattern is still embedded in the energy system and cellular memory.

Meet Your Guide


Psycho-Energetic Therapist; Quantum Healer; International Business Consultant; Mentor; Yogini; and Published Author; Athena Melchizedek

She is dedicated to helping her clients transform their lives, projects and businesses. For over 40 years her site of action has been the global business arena. She is devoted to activating, empowering and supporting all rising visionary leaders to expand their consciousness, access their higher intelligence and reach their greatest potential to become the enlightened leaders and change-makers of the 21st century and beyond.

She holds degrees in Advanced Psycho-Energetics and Remote Energy Transmission and an MSc in Psychosocial and Integrative Health Science, but acknowledges that her life experience has been her greatest teacher.

She has worked with many Spiritual Leaders in the Far East, North and South America, Europe, Africa and India.  

She is the Author of The Quantum Keys, describing a pathway to self-realisation and the synergy of modern science and ancient wisdom that charactrizes her work.

Free yourself from limiting imprints 

hidden in your unconscious mind

Athena has created a protocol that is able to access the limiting hidden imprints in your unconscious mind and held in your physical and energetic bodies and then transmute them via specific energy transmissions.

Her work is based in firm and proven scientific principles, body centred psycho-therapy and psycho-energetics.

This means your thought process is changed, your body is changed, your emotional responses change, your consciousness is changed, your energetic template and DNA is transformed and all that was once holding you back now becomes requalified energy available for use as a positive source for all your creative process and projects.

You feel amazing as your energy field increases its frequency and starts resonating at a much higher level attracting in new positive circumstances, people and places for creative purpose. You can experience these positive changes within days.

DAY 1:


  • The Quantum Laws that govern reality

  • The 7 major psychological issues that affect all humanity

  • How these issues show up and manifest in your life, business and the world

  • Discover the energetic anatomy of the most common issue

  • Athena will work with the audience to create a powerful psychological and energetic container. You will get to experience the various fields of energy at your disposal 

  • You will receive a powerful energy transmission to activate your physical body and energy field to clear imprints

  • DAY 2:



  • Learn how neuroscience and epigenetics directly affects your ability to enhance life

  • Learn about why you need more than affirmations and positive thinking to overcome looping thoughts and negative behaviours patterns permanently.

  • Learn about the different levels of your mind and learn about the one most forget.

  • Learn about the components of the hidden beliefs that create your lived experience and attract in more of the same unwanted results

  • “Business is a powerful force for great good when aligned with conscious values and new outer structures of evolved business are dependent on harmonious inner energy alignment”

    - Athena Melchizedek

    DAY 3:


  • Learn about your energy field and the psychological component of each energy center and how these are related to your outcomes

  • Why balancing your energy field and the electric and magnetic fields within is crucial to create all you wish for

  • Recap the 7 Psychological issues

  • Kind Words from Brave Souls...

    These are some of the people that have to experienced the power of Athena’s work and the supporting group container she creates for healing , empowerment and transformation

    I am an Engineer, 10 years ago I would have said this is "WooWoo Stuff" [...] whilst we were doing this clearing, I had an energy download like I have never had [...] in my life! - Dirk, Germany

    A most profound moment in this lifetime for me, I experienced an indescribable deep catharsis unlike I have never released , ever … I feel inexplicably lighter and my heart is fully open to receive - Zulma, Texas

    I am glad, really glad I can start remembering my centered aware self  - Juan Pablo, Mexico

    I wanted to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude for Athena Melchizedek...- Seraph, US

    I feel really excited, happy. I feel like i have learned new tools in life that are very important...So i'm feeling pretty awesome... - Kris, Texas

    This has been heart opening stuff…. - Caroline, Namibia

    This is so much more than just "Mindset Mastery".

    It is a Full Mind-Reset

    Who is this For?

    This is for Visionaries, Healers, Creatives, Changemakers, Wisdom Keepers; all those who are here to create a new world. The Visionary Leaders who will step out first to create new pathways for others to follow. 

    The Vision Builder and Dream Weaver that has wonderful ideas and an amazing imagination but cannot yet bring these ideas fully into the physical dimension.

    Perhaps you can tap into a vision that is meaningful to many and activate and ignite passion and wish to have more impact and influence. You have a deep longing for change but no clear idea of what is preventing this from happening. You are driven by a deep desire to serve others and often push yourself beyond healthy limits.

    If this resonates with you then you are in the right place


    Here are some of the transformational results you can expect from this course. 

    • Discover hidden beliefs that no longer serve you and prevent you creating what you desire

    • Break free from unconscious defenses and behaviors that result from these hidden beliefs

    • Come out of emotional reaction and into positive resolution

    • Start creating your life/relationship /project without guilt, shame or fear but from the higher frequencies of love , forgiveness and gratitude.

    • Begin to see clearly instead of perceiving through the lens of your limiting beliefs and unknown traumas.

    • Release masses of energy for creative purpose and expression into your body and mind

    • Upgrade your attractor field to magnetize the exact people, places and circumstances to fulfil your dream/vision

    • Create coherence, clarity and balance in your physical body and energy system for overall Wellbeing and Full Spectrum Abundance

    This is a Rare Opportunity to work with Athena using the powerful alignment of the 2020


    Give yourself this gift and create a powerful foundation for all your new creations in 2021

    This is what you will get in this 3 day LIVE Group Immersion:

    • 3 Live Group Mentoring Calls with Athena

    • 3 Powerful Foundational Energy Practices

    • 3 Group Energy Transmissions (Magic)

    • The 7 psychological issues that affect all humanity

    • The 7 most common emotional response to these and how they show up in your life

    • The most limiting beliefs or imprints that are common to visionary leaders

    • The most powerful Affirmations to support your Integration


    • The science that underpins all the work over the 3 days

    • Supportive Community

    • Q&A + Recordings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a Visionary Leader?

    • A Visionary Leader is someone who has a deep longing inside to make this world a better place. They can be from any walk of life. Often, they don’t know what their gifts are or how to bring them to the world.

    • Why is there a discounted price? Is this just the usual marketing hype?

    • No this is an introductory offer created by Athena especially for these times of turbulence. This is the first time Athena has offered her work in this way and, given the world situation, wanted as many people as possible to benefit. It will be available at this reduced price for 3 months

    • What if I can’t make the Live Sessions?

    • A The sessions will be recorded and you will still receive benefit and value. But please make every effort to attend live. It will be so much more beneficial if you are present and ‘ ‘LIVE’ in the powerful group container.

    • Do I need to bring anything?

    • A You will be sent a questionnaire once you sign up . Please send this back before the first session begins so Athena can have an idea of your known issues.Everything is recorded for you. Your full presence is all that is required.

    • I have never experienced energy work before. Is this dangerous?

    • Absolutely not ! This process is always guided by the recipient’s higher self and you will only receive that for which you are ready. You cannot be harmed in any way. This process is completely non-invasive.

    • What is the value of the transformations I will receive on this program?

    • Priceless. Athena’s gifts enable her to discover and transmute negative energy and consciousness that is holding you back from creating your best life and your highest dream. You may have been carrying these limitations in your energy field for many years and you might otherwise incur a very expensive psychotherapy bill to discover what she can find in a matter of hours and then still have the issue to work through in your life.This work automatically raises your frequency, expands your own conscious awareness and upgrades your attractor field to attract into your experience more positive people, places and circumstances.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Our vision is to help you find what is causing your limitations and transform this energy so you are able to consciously create that which you desire in your life. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you may provide to others.

    We are dedicated to your successful life and offer you to support you in making the changes you want in your life. We provide methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your desired outcome. Our products are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease and the subject matter of this website or any of its educational programs should not be considered as medical advice. No claims, including health related claims, are intended, expressed or implied.

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