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Let's Make a BIGGER Impact...

Do you want to help us make an even bigger impact on our planet with your registration?

Give a Gift to Mother Earth

plant a TREE to help her heal!

We are already planting one tree for every purchase.

But why stop there? Why not make this Event even better as a sign to Mother Earth and the Universe, by planting even more trees?

For a price Less than a Starbucks Coffee, you can make sure your participation in this program will have an even bigger lasting Positive Impact. We will plant a Tree in the Yucat√°n Rainforest in Mexico for every Contribution made.

What do you say?

Help us make this event not just about our personal healing and transformation, but also about healing our beautiful Planet and Mother Earth

Plant a Tree for just $4,99

No, I don't feel like doing this right now.

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