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Join the Worlds Fastest Growing Net Positivity Syndicate

Let's build the ideal World - together.

We are a conscious business alliance. A Business and Investment Syndicate. We are powerful Individuals, Companies and Organisations on a mission to help move towards the best possible World for humanity and all sentient beings. Together we are a force of nature. Join us.

Old Paradigm

Net Negative Impact

Many believe that constant decline is the only option.

From 'driving your car' to 'buying things'. There is almost always a net negative impact attached to our actions.

There is nothing wrong with 'transportation' or 'commerce' as such, but with the way we do it.

Collectively we cause the destruction of the only physical home we have.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that make the existing model obsolete.

- Buckminister Fuller

New Paradigm

Net Positive Impact

Imagine a world, where for every interaction, with every product and service, we make the world a little better than it was before.

Now extrapolate this new Paradigm to 7.8 billion people and imagine where humanity could be in 10 years: how about in 100 years? In short: PARADISE.

Instead of only minimizing our Negative Impact, we are here to also maximize our Net Positive Impact.

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"An ideal place and state of being where everything is as good as it could be."

"An association of individuals, companies and organizations with a shared vision."

Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world.

- Margarete Mead


"An ideal place and state of being where everything is as good as it could be."


"An association of individuals, companies and organizations with a shared vision."

Time to

Join us

It’s about time that a few of us "crazy ones" come together to co-create the best possible World.

An abundant place of regeneration and beyond, built on the principle of Net Positivity. A space which enhances its environment instead of taking away from it. A family friendly place where the youngest to the oldest among us can thrive. A place free from toxic substances and harmful radiation.

A place where like-minded beings can truly connect to their inner power and joyfully co-create a new Earth from a place of Love, Abundance and Collaboration.

Yes! I Want in!

Yes - literally Paradise.

Creating Paradise is obviously quite a massive undertaking.
Where do you even begin, right?

We are aware of that.
That's why we are starting with 8 concrete “Aspects” of Paradise.

Paradise Communities

a way for you to live in a physical Paradise.

Paradise Marketing

a way to help conscious Entrepreneurs create and launch Positive Impact Businesses.

Net Positive Partner

a way to help organisations implement Net Positive strategies and solutions in a financially abundant way.

Paradise Academy -

a way to learn how to create Paradise

within and around you.

- Coming Soon

Paradise Investments -
a way for you to create financial abundance

in your life.

- Coming Soon

Paradise Experience -

a way for you to experience how Paradise feels.

- Coming Soon

Positive Impact Drive -

a way to turn driving into Positive Impact.

- Planning Stage

Paradise Reef Project -

a way for us to regenerate the world's Coral Reefs.

- Planning Stage

Receive Updates on the Projects

Paradise Communities

We are here to help design, fund and create Net Positive Communities. By using Positive Impact Practices, we are creating a blueprint for the world’s first intentional Net Positive Village: a place that has a measurable Net Positive Impact on regenerating nature and eco-systems, while creating lush natural beauty.

Places that create far more value than they need to sustain themselves and their members. Places that are safe for families & free of dogma. Places where all Citizens of Earth, can feel at home. Places that are a part of the solution and enable their inhabitants to lead a Positive Impact Lifestyle of Freedom, Abundance & Regeneration.

Our intent is to co-create a Global Network of Net Positive Impact Communities and thereby establish a new timeline for Mother Earth and all her sentient beings.

Our first Paradise Community Project is called the "Net Positive Village" - find out more about that and how you can participate by clicking the button below.

Net Positive Village Website

Paradise Marketing

We believe business, conducted consciously can be a powerful force for good. However, many Conscious Creators tend to struggle with time, technology and/or the mechanics of starting and growing a successful business (Strategy, Sales & Marketing).

We know, because we have been there ourselves. Even with years of business education and tens of thousands of dollars spent on coaching and personal development. Even after creating multi-million dollar businesses ourselves, we know is not exactly a walk in the park. Especially if you know “what to do” but you are struggling with the required time, tech or marketing “skills” to do it.

We are here to maximize our Net Positive Impact. That’s why we decided to become a multiplier for Positive Impact by supporting heart–centred Visionaries, Change-Makers and Conscious Entrepreneurs to successfully Create, Launch and Grow their Positive Impact Projects. Would you like to know more about Paradise Marketing? Sign Up, Reach Out and let's talk.

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Coming Soon

Paradise Academy

Paradise begins within us. We are always creating our reality individually and collectively in every moment. When we learn to do this consciously we can create the ideal for ourselves and subsequently for the planet.

Through educational and experiential offerings, the Paradise Academy helps you to create Paradise in your body and mind, raising your consciousness internally, until it becomes reflected externally. When we fully embrace the Paradigm of Net Positive Impact and incorporate it into our personal and professional lives, we can truly manifest an authentic life-style of abundance and prosperity, filled with love, joy and collaboration.

We can live our lives in a way that allow us to truthfully say that our lives have made the World a better than it was before.

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Coming Soon

Paradise Investments

By investing in Net Positive Businesses, you can earn returns and make profit on projects, which make the World a better place.

This is why we are creating the Worlds First Investment Platform, exclusively for Net Positive Impact Projects. Now you can invest your money into initiatives, products and services, which will measurably enhance the planet.

What better way could there be, than combining personal abundance while funding the regeneration of the planet? One Project at a time. We invite you to learn more about how to create personal financial abundance, while having a Positive Impact on the World.

Paradise.cm - or the Paradise Conglomerate - is the Company that houses the Paradise brands. Here are some of the companies within the Paradise Conglomerate.

Net Positive Partner


Net Positive Village

Paradise Marketing

Epoxy 2.0

Paradise.cm - or the Paradise Conglomerate - is the Company that houses the Paradise brands. Here are some of the companies within the Paradise Conglomerate.

Net Positive Village


Net Positive Partner

Paradise Marketing

Epoxy 2.0

Here are some of the Partners, Companies and Organisations within the Paradise Syndicate.

Covid Positive News

Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that. You share that purpose with every other person on the planet - because it is the purpose of humanity.

- Eckart Tolle

The Time is Now

Do you perceive the necessity for change? Have you been feeling the calling to step up your game, start creating abundance in your life, stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution? Have you been looking for a way to “break away” from the spiral of degeneration? Have you been looking for a "your tribe” of conscious, loving Co-Creators?

Now is the time! Enrich your life, join humanity's effort to create Paradise together.

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Join the Syndicate

Do you want to join Humanity's effort to create Paradise on Earth? Do you want more information on all the amazing Projects going on all around the world? 

Then sign up to our Syndicate mailing list to receive more information and updates on all the projects and how you can become a member and start living the Paradise Lifestyle of Freedom, Abundance & Regeneration.


Here are some of the things you might be wondering about.

What is the Goal of the Syndicate?

We are here to create a Global Eco-System of Net Positive Co-Creators, Collaboration and Co-Creation of Abundance and Prosperity. In other Words: We are here to create Paradise.

Paradise sounds too religious to me.

We do not subscribe or endorse any specific Religion or lack thereof. We believe and respect the freedom of personal choice. We define Paradise as "an ideal place and state of being where everything is as good as it could be.”

Are you for real?

Yes - We are literally working on creating Paradise.

What is Net Positive Impact?

In a Nutshell, Net Positive Impact means, that whatever you are doing makes the World (or the System) better than it was before. Not just less bad - Yes, there is a big difference.

Think about it this way: If you cut down a Tree to Build a House = this would be Net Negative Impact. First you had 1 Tree, then you had 0 Trees and a house. In a Net Zero Impact you cut down 1 Tree build your House and then plant 1 Tree to "make up for the damage that you have caused". Net Positive Impact means cutting down 1 Tree to build your house and then planting e.g. 10 (or more) Trees, thereby actually making the World better than it was before.

Don't you know creating Paradise is impossible?

Nope. Sorry. We missed the memo.

Okay, Joke aside. We do realise that imagining a "Global Paradise" might be a bit of a Challenge for many.

So how about we start with a Mini-Paradise? Could you imagine a Regenerative Organic Agroforestry Farm, surrounded by bespoke Net-Positive Impact Houses forming a welcoming little Net-Positive-Impact Village with prosperous Net-Positive Impact Businesses, a Retreat and Healing Center, Pizza straight from the Oven with a bunch of heart-centered People sitting around a Campfire?

Congratulations, You just imagined how a Mini-Paradise looks like. Now just think of a Global Network of these "Paradise Communities" and Bingo you have just imagined the creation of a Global Paradise.

What's in it for me?

Besides learning how to manifest Paradise in your Mind, Body and Personal Life, learning how to create Financial Abundance for yourself and others, connecting and uniting with your Soul Tribe of Paradise Builders, you are also actively saving the World with Net Positive Impact. So if that doesn't float ya boat, what will?

How can I become a member of the Syndicate?

First and foremost we would love for you to sign up for the Paradise Syndicate mailing List. That way you are going to get all the relevant Info you need to learn more. From there you can also join our Mighty Network and Telegram Channels.

Where are the Paradise Communities located?

At this Point we are working to create the first Net-Impact Positive Paradise Communities in Mexico.

Our first large scale Paradise Community is called: Net Positive Village: Pátzcuaro. If you are interested or want to participate in that - go to the Net Positive Village Website.

We are also looking at opening Paradise Communities in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bali and Costa Rica and many more to come soon. Our Goal is to have an International Network of Communities. So if you are really excited about this, but your Country of Choice is not part of the Short List yet. Get in Touch!

Where can I learn more about all of this?

We would encourage you to sign up to the Paradise Syndicate mailing List. That will get you Access to all latest developments of Paradise Communities, Paradise Academy and Paradise Investments, our development Roadmap, Goals, Vision, Mission and all of the Groovy Stuff and how you can participate.

I already have a Project with a similar vision, can I join you?

Abso - frigging - lutely. That's is pretty much the main idea. We would love to hear from you. Sign Up, Reach out and lets talk. <3

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You have questions, concerns or would just like to say "Hi" and connect? - Sweeeeet! Either Sign Up and you will get an Email from us and you can start the Conversation right there or just ask directly in the "ask a question" box in the right corner. :)

So Let's Go!

We are the worlds foremost Net Positivity Business and Investment Syndicate. We are like-minded Individuals, Companies and Organisations, on a mission towards the best possible World. Join us. 

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