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Start your PROJECT, Set Up your FUNNEL and Create your LIST  NOW - for FREE

With Dirk Christoph

Now is the time to let your Light shine and bring your Program, Course, Product or Service into the World. And it all starts with a List. A List of people that are interested in what you are offering. But how do you create such a list? By now you have probably heard of the Power of Funnels. This 3-Day Course will explain to you how to create your Program, how to setup a Funnel and create your List - FOR FREE.

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You Improved Yourself, Unlocked Your Blocks, Learned All This Stuff About Marketing, Funnels, Opt-In Forms and Email Lists - AND NOW WHAT?

If You Are Anything Like Me...

I had this strong urge for a big change in my life. I wanted to create something truly amazing, something that will matter, touch peoples hearts, improve their lives and yet create financial freedom for me and my family in the process. 

So I set out to look for someone that could help me to figure this out. To help teach me how to create a Company in this "New World" that we are living in. 

I spend THOUSANDS - nevermind - TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on Self-Improvement and Business Courses. And read an additional 50+ Books on the topic for good measure. I even finished an MBA. Yet - after all was said and done, other than a bunch of notes, in a few scattered Notebooks - I had nothing to show for myself. 

I needed a List. But I did not know how.

I had created my Vision. I had drawn it all out. I wrote my Vision and Mission Statement. I even created a Facebook Page and asked my Friends and Family to Join. Even made some videos on YouTube.

After all of this training I sure knew where to start. I knew that I needed a List. I even knew about these awesome but expensive tools I now should be using. Like ClickFunnels or Kartra for my Funnel, Active Campaign for my Email Sequence and Kajabi  to deliver my program. Cool programs for sure, but guess what, they all looked terribly complicated and also rather expensive. Yet I am a computer-geek - how should "normal people" get all this done? All this effort just to do what they love? That did not seem right to me.

2 Camps - But neither is Happy.

So after speaking to some of my peers who also passed through these same courses, I realised a trend. Most people fell in either one of two Camps:

CAMP #1 - Spent Thousands of Dollars contracting various web-designers, marketers, copy-writers etc. and invested many, many months or even years of their own hard work to get their Frankenstein-Funnel (all different Software tied together) up and running. OR - FAR MORE LIKLEY

CAMP #2 - Had given up. They didn't even know where to start, tried to do it all by themselves, were scared off by the huge upfront cost or simply DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DO IT. So they just budged and gave up.

Thousands of people with amazing talents and dreams - WASTED. Couldn't there be an easier way?


I have created a FREE 3-Day Course to help you GET IT DONE - ONCE AND FOR ALL.

In this FREE 3-DAY Course you will learn:

DAY 1: Why and how to setup a FUNNEL 

DAY 2: How to create a SQUEEZE Page and why.

DAY 3: How to Create your LIST

  • How to FINALLY Start your Project

  • Why a Funnel is better than a regular Website

  • How To Setup a Funnel - Once and for All

  • Why and How to ethically Create a Squeeze Page

  •  The Amazing FREE Tool I use to build Powerful Funnels

  •  How to Connect your Funnel with your Email List

  • Here's Why You Will Love This Free Course

    DAY 1: How to finally get started, why you need a FUNNEL and HOW to build one

    First off, this Module will teach you how to FINALLY get started with your project. You will learn with detailed clarity what a Funnel is and how it works. You will learn why people are so successful using this approach to launch their project.

    Secondly, we will dive into a Sample Project and show you exactly how to build a Funnel and what the important features of a Funnel Page is.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to finally bring your Project to life! The World needs it!

    DAY 2: Learn all about the SQUEEZE Page and how to build your List FAST.

    This is Day 2 of this journey towards self-empowerment and the manifestation of your project. We will learn about the Importance of the Squeeze Page and how to create it.

    You will learn about the underlying psychology of a Squeeze or Opt-In Page and how we can use it to ethically convince people to join your Funnel and sign up for your List.

    Once you’ve watched this lesson and completed the assignments – take a moment to let me know about your experience thus far – I would love to hear from you.

    DAY 3 Learn of this Amazing FREE Tool and create your Email LIST!

    In this last and most important day of this course I will share a Super Amazing Tool with you. This will allow you to build Funnels, create Squeeze Pages and collect Emails for your List - all FOR FREE.

    Secondly, I want to walk you through the process of how to create your List and how to tie everything together and test the setup we have just created. 

    I will also want to take this opportunity to give you some ideas for next steps on how to get this all done for you. 

    Bring Your Project to Life and Start Your New Future Now. Join the Course! 

    Take back Control of your Destiny and Start this beautiful Free Journey today!!

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    Meet Your Guide


    Your guide in this course is the serial entrepreneur, founder of Echtzeit.Co, Innoactive and the Paradise Syndicate; International business consultant and speaker Dirk Christoph. 

    Dirk is dedicated to help you achieve success with your project. He has a strong passion for Positive Impact and offers Programs, Coaching and Services in the Areas of Positive Impact Consulting, Marketing and Positive Impact Business.

    For over 7 years he has created numerous businesses, has crossed the Caribbean Ocean with his Sailboat "Vitamin Sea" and has been plotting a masterplan on how to co-create a Positive Impact Future for Humanity.

    Dirk recognizes business as a powerful force for good when aligned with conscious values and that new outer structures of evolved business are dependent on harmonious inner energy alignment.

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    Are You Ready to FINALLY Break Through and Build Your Funnel and UNLEASH Unlimited Joy?

    It just takes 3 days to learn how to Start your Project, Build your Funnel and Create your List. The Time is NOW.

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