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Foundations for Radical Wellbeing

Now is the time for you to step into your greatness knowing. You are supported by a benevolent universe!  These gifts will help you keep stable, centered and grounded as you navigate the unknown and step into the wonderful opportunities that can open up for you during this time.

With Athena Melchizedek 

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HEADLINE 1: Life before the Problem

You started out full of enthusiasm, hopeful and full of energy. You became successful and were able to vision a wonderful life for yourself and your family. You’ve done lots of self- development work and set out to create a better life for yourself and those you love. You consider yourself awakened and know there must be a better way.

HEADLINE 2: First Contact with the Problem

Now you are progressively feeling more and more stressed, have no energy and are feeling less and less fulfilled. You get angry, frustrated and impatient and are now feeling more fearful about the future as the world seems to be spinning out of control and big changes are happening in your own life and the world at large.

HEADLINE 3: They feel like there should be a solution but havent found it yet. 

You have tried all the recommended solutions …tried to meditate, take exercise, eat better. But life is just not joyful anymore, you are easily distracted from your work and cannot focus and even wondering if you are on the right path. Nothing is working and you feel you have no support. You may even be in some form of crisis.


I have been exactly where you are now and I know what to do to solve these problems

In this Course You Will Learn To...

DAY 1: Become more PRESENT

DAY 2: GROUND your Body

DAY 3: CENTER yourself in the moment

  • A Powerful Emergency Fix for your Energy System

  • Creates Calm and Balance in Pressure situations

  • Helps You Respond to Situations Consciously Rather Than Reactively

  • Creates Coherence In the Physical Body

  • Brings More Stability To Your Mental Process

  • Allows Space For New Solutions To Your Problems To Emerge

  • Meet Your Guide


    Your Guide in this Course is published Author and International Business Consultant, Mentor and Transformation Facilitator, Athena Melchizedek.

    She is dedicated to the development of evolutionary leadership based in Unity Consciousness through her programs of self-empowerment, personal mastery and management of the human bio-energyfield.

    For over 25 years her site of action has been the global business arena. She is devoted to activating, empowering and supporting evolutionary leaders to expand their consciousness, access their higher intelligence and reach their greatest potential to become the enlightened leaders and change-makers of the 21Century and beyond.

    She recognizes business is a powerful force for great good when aligned with conscious values and new outer structures of evolved business are dependent on harmonious inner energy alignment.

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    Here's Why You Will Love This Course

    DAY 1 You Will Learn How To Increase Your Ability To Stay Present 

    If you have been suffering workplace stress, anxiety, fatigue or burn out or may be feeling nervous, overwhelmed and find it difficult to switch off and meditate – here is a profound technique that will work very quickly to get you back on track and into a place of calm, balance and harmony. 

    I am confident this will work for you and will only take a few minutes of your time to bring your attention inwards and start to manage these uncomfortable feelings.

    Thank you so much for investing in your own self-care.

    DAY 2 Will Teach You How Firmly Ground, Anchor and Support Yourself.

    Let’s take another deep breath and one more step forward together into another powerful practice to manage your inner energies – so that you begin to take back control of your thoughts and feelings and step out of fear, nervousness and panic.

    This is a truly powerful practice that will develop your sense of strength, security and safety no matter what is going on around you to keep you firmly anchored and supported.

    Once you’ve watched the daily Lesson and completed the practice – take a moment to let me know about your experience – I would love to hear how this was for you.


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    DAY 3 Will Teach You How To Center into Full Body Peace, Strength and Radical Wellbeing.

    I want to celebrate with you your wonderful achievement and commitment to your own wellbeing and to gift you yet another really beautiful and extremely powerful practice that I am sure you will love.

    This is the final day in this course and I invite you to align all the levels of your being; physical, emotional, mental and energetic so that you will experience fully in your body the peace, strength and pleasure of radical wellbeing.

    Start Noticing Positive Changes in Your Body and Energy within a Week

    Take back Control over your Experience and Start this beautiful Free Journey today!!

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    Are You Ready to Improve Your Life and Feel more Peaceful, Balanced and Joyful

    It just takes 3 days to learn the practices of Presence, Grounding and Centering. Here is your opportunity to learn with Athena and on her 3-Day guided Course. What are you waiting for?

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